Progressive Web App Features

Powerful apps that work on any device, instantly.

Direct Downloads

Increase conversions up to 52% by providing a faster mobile experience for online customers.

One app across every device


Compatible on any desktop, tablet and mobile device, using any browser. Progressive Web Apps offer the best in user experience.

The latest in web technology


Progressive Web Apps look and feel just like an app, combining the best in browser and smartphone technology.

Improve SEO


Progressive Web Apps can be discovered through search engines like Google, providing greater online visibility for your business.

Publish instantly


Progressive Web Apps go live as soon as you publish,
meaning your new app can be accessed instantly from any device.

Uses less data


Progressive Web Apps use 25X less device storage and reduce overall data usage by over 80% on average, so customers will always have room on their home screen.

Greater web security


Enhanced web security offers greater reassurance to your customers when purchasing goods, sharing sensitive data and communicating over mobile.

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