Frequently Asked Questions

Finance Questions

Is the initial fee a one off fee?

The initial investment fee differes depending on the package you choose. 

How much can I earn?
Your earnings are dependent on the sales you generate. You keep 100% of the setup fee you charge to your client. You keep the majority of the monthly fees after deducting our minimum fee per app. You can also provide additional services to increase your earnings.
Who does the client pay?
The client pays you directly for the services you provide as they are your client. You will charge 50% of the build fee upfront and the remainder is due when the app goes live. You will also need to setup monthly billing for the hosting and ongoing management fees you charge your client.
How much investment do I require?

There will be an initial investment to get set up. You will also need additional working capital to fund you during the initial stages while you build your business.

Do I have to pay royalties?
You do not need to pay any royalties. You will however have to pay the minimum monthly fee for your included apps. This fee includes ongoing support and development.

Legal Questions

Do I have restricted territory?
You can market your services as far and as wide as you want. There are no geographical restrictions. We support 45+ languages and 80+ currencies.
Do I operate under the NOCODE brand?

Yes you would operate under the NOCODE brand. If you prefer, you can operate under your own brand. We provide you with the branded sales tools, business cards, brochures and business documents.

Can I sell my business in the future?
Yes you can. Once you have built up a customer base, you can sell your business at anytime in the future.
Can I sell complimentary services?

Yes you can sell complimentary services. 

How long is the contract?

The contract period is on a monthly basis. There are no additional setup fees. You just pay the ongoing monthly fees.

Operational Questions

Who communicates with my client during the app build?

Only you will communicate with your client. NOCODE’S Head Office will not contact or communicate with your client directly unless otherwise agreed.

Do I need a store front?
No you do not. We provide you with all the tools and resources you need to operate your business from a home office. As everything is accessible via an internet connection, you can effectively work from anywhere.
What am I expected to do?
You will research and identify businesses that may benefit from your services. Once you have made contact with them and they wish to proceed with your services, you will build the app for them. Prior to publishing apps to the app stores, they will subject to our internal review process. This is to ensure that they meet Apple and Google’s minimum requirements.
Do I need coding skills or technical experience?
No you do not. You can build mobile apps using our drag and drop app building platform with basic computer skills. If you prefer, we can build and design the apps for you for a minimal fee.

Our Products

What products am I selling?

You will be selling revenue generating Mobile Apps. You can also offer Progressive Web Apps (PWA’s).

Do you provide me with mobile app examples that I can show my prospect?

Yes we provide you with examples that your clients can choose from. 

Who builds and designs the mobile apps?
You build mobile apps using our drag and drop editor. If you prefer, we can build and design the apps for you for a minimal fee. You can increase earnings by offering additional management packages.
Can I see the mobile app building platform?
Yes you can. We can give you an online demonstration of our technology and Business Opportunity. You can schedule to talk to us to learn more.
Are there any up-sell opportunities?

Absolutely. You can up-sell additional marketing services. 

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